Nicholas D. Haynes

In my free time, I like to build things to play with. When I was younger, this usually involved Legos. These days, it's more likely to be python. Here are a few things I've been building recently -

  • The Trumpiest Bot on the web [Twitter] [GitHub]

    AWS-powered Markov chain Twitter bot trained on @RealDonaldTrump's tweets. Most of the tweets make so little sense that they genuinely seem like they were written by Trump himself.

  • Nick's perspective on the 2016 elections [Duke Campaign Stop 2016]

    Campaign Stop 2016 is a group of undergrad and grad students, plus faculty experts, writing short opinion pieces about issues and happenings along the campaign trail. I'll be contributing a piece about once a month until the election.

  • Kaggle [Kaggle profile]

    Kaggle is a site that periodically hosts data analysis and visualization competitions that give contestents the chance to play around with doing machine learning on real-world data. I enter a couple contests a year to keep my skills sharp.

  • Verilog module for asynchronous communication with FTDI's FT232H USB chip. [GitHub]